Ever laughed till you cried during the television quiz show De Slimste Mens? Felt your heart beat faster listening to a True Crime podcast of Het Belang van Limburg or picked up your pen after reading an opinion piece in the newspaper?
With the excellent content that we make every day, we touch millions of readers, viewers, listeners and surfers. It’s up to us to move them with your stories, too. With our broad portfolio of high-quality media, we help brands appeal to their target groups in an impactful and creative manner.


Ads & Data brings together strong media players. Based on the alliance, we go to extremes to achieve your goals. With our range of premium media channels, offline and online, broad and niche, relevant and even more relevant, we aim to be the partner where your advertising budget is best spent.  Ads & Data stands for simplicity, which is why we have divided our media into Video (TV and online video), Display (print and digital display) and Audio (streaming and podcast).



Go for impact with video! Because of the combination of sound and image, video advertisements are extremely suitable for conveying emotion to the viewers in your target group. Under Video, we at Ads & Data offer advertising opportunities on TV and online.  A spot of 6-15-30 seconds or a programme sponsorship?

Discover the possibilities of advertising with video


Show yourself with Display! Make sure you are visible in various formats.  Your message literally in the hands of your target group with print or targeted with the technical targeting possibilities of digital.  Whether you want to tell a story or strive for conversion, with display we certainly have a solution for you!

Find out what Display can do for your brand


Make yourself heard with audio!  Literally get your message into the ears of your target group.  At Ads & Data we offer advertising opportunities through the popular podcasts of our news brands, such as the HBvL True Crime podcast or the Sjotcast of Het Nieuwsblad.  We can also broadcast your spot on Radio Latina.

Read more about audio advertising here

Get creative with Brand Studio

Brand Studio helps you to communicate about your brand in a creative way, in line with the DNA of our brands and closely linked to the interests of our visitors, viewers, readers and listeners. This way, we can connect your brand and its target groups in a credible way. Brand Studio guides you through our multimedia range of opportunities and coordinates projects from A to Z in consultation with the advertiser, the media agency and the creative bureau.


Do you want to advertise to a specific region or regions? Ads & Data has strong regional roots and we offer the strongest regional media brands both in display with, among others, De Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg and also video with the regional channels ROBtv, ATV, TVO and TVL. Data also lends a hand with regional targeting options for Smart AD and the Pause Button.


Data is one of the pillars and more than a building block of Ads & Data. That much is abundantly clear. Some people dare to call this the new gold, others a rough diamond. We look at it as a particularly interesting project in which we see new opportunities and solutions to build a bridge between advertisers, agencies and publishers here and now.

A project on the move

Starting from the existing offer, we aim to grow further in products and expertise. A basic offer of segments is made available. Depending on our clients’ needs and the KPIs set, custom segments, lookalike and predictive data will be added.
We are also looking at how we can provide them with better insights into the data that they have at their disposal or the campaigns that will run on our network.
But we are looking and building further. There is a demand for easy buying platforms, an easy way of accessing our data and our inventory, both nationally and regionally. We are and remain ambitious and we are convinced that through cooperation, bringing together and optimising these tools will lead to a powerful offer/platform on the market. Now more than ever, the intention is “we un-waste”.

Personalised data service

As well as the ready-made segments, we also offer a personalised data service. Our data scientists help advertisers to create target groups suited to their brand. Because the more targeted a campaign, the more relevant the message for the consumer and the better the results. Transparency and respect as regards both our readers and advertisers will always take pride of place.