Mission, vision & values

At Ads & Data, we want to connect brands and people.  Every day, page after page, we write a lasting success story together. Below, you can discover what Ads & Data stands for and where we want to go in the future. We have distilled 5 values that we hold dear as a company and that serve as a common thread in our activities.

Our mission

Focused and sustainably connecting our consumers and partners with our strong brands by building a unique local ecosystem.

Our vision

We believe in the relevance and quality of local content, as well as in the importance of alliances to buttress the local market’s competitiveness against international players.  Our goal is not to limit advertising, but to limit pointless advertising.  To create the discourse of a thought leader, not of a run-of-the-mill sales house.  We not only sell advertising space, we also have a vision of what advertising should be like in the future.  A contemporary, sustainable concept: we un-waste.  Consequently, we anchor advertising revenues and guarantee investments in local quality content.

Our Values


In our open ecosystem, we act like a catalyst between media brands, tech companies, the communications sector and advertisers.  We are close to our clients and suppliers, and build bridges according to their, and our, needs.  In doing so, we share knowledge and expertise, in such a way that long-term relationships are forged.  Let us be flexible, responsible and impact-driven.



We are challengers in heart and soul, distinguishing ourselves by always promoting creativity and innovation, and by not shying away from any challenge.  We keep pushing boundaries. We dare question everything.  Let us be curious, creative and innovative.


We are convinced that collective power spawns the finest achievements.  Our trust in each other, our integrity and diversity, the common experiences and unique talents of each and every single one of us, enrich us.  Our conversations form the basis for ideas and solutions.  Everyone’s opinion, however different, is important.  That is why we invest in each other, open ourselves to different viewpoints, and welcome feedback.  We do this with unwavering respect for each other.  Let us be open-minded, loyal and constructive.

Work purposefully

With us, no verbosity or dilly-dallying.  Once we envision a clear goal, we go for it.  Very purposefully.  We think in terms of solutions, look at the bigger picture and take responsibility.  We look ahead and are constantly improving.  We take our partners on board in order to be able to adjust the course.  Let us be efficient, effective and instil rhythm.

Act sustainably

We propagate our sustainability vision and apply it daily in our characteristic way.  We build lasting relationships with our employees, clients, and stakeholders.  We strive for a good work-life balance.  Let us always think long term and invest in the future.