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Last modified: 15/11/2021

Ads & Data works with Belgian providers of advertising space (together, the Partners) to sell advertisements on Partner websites and apps and offer Advertisers (organizations that display ads via the Partners) to provide more targeted advertising:

Address: Harensesteenweg 226, 1800 Vilvoorde

Company number: BE0809.309.701

This Privacy Notice describes how Ads & Data uses your data to show targeted advertisements when you visit websites and applications of our Partners.

Do you want to learn more about how Ads & Data uses your data when you visit this website? Please read the website privacy notice.

How do we use your personal data?

First and foremost, always based on your consent provided to one or more Partners or Advertisers, we can use your data to:

  • create a personalised advertising profile about you;
  • show you personalised ads.
  1. Collecting data

When you visit a Partner’s website or application, we assign a random identification number to your browser or device and collect data about your visit. We may also receive personal data that you have shared with our Partners (see ‘What personal data do we collect and why?’).

With your data, we create an advertising profile (for example: sports fan, male, 30-45 years old). This enables us to fill the advertising space of Partners with ads that are as relevant as possible.

In addition, we sometimes create specific target audiences with advertisers based on our own advertising profiles and characteristics collected by Advertisers (for example, sports fans who recently visited the advertiser’s online shop). We may do this by collecting data about your browsing habits on an advertiser’s website. We may also compare data about you from our Partners with data from Advertisers. Rest assured, these data remain completely unreadable, as the comparison is performed on a secure intermediary platform in an encrypted format. Ads & Data does not share your data with Advertisers and Advertisers do not share personal data with Ads & Data.

What personal data do we collect and why?

Source Category Examples Usage
Data that you have shared with one of our Partners or Advertisers Contact details First name, last name and e-mail address. To compare data with Advertisers. We only do this in an encrypted format (for example: 3ee9de21cb3defc81451f8d3617f4434205de34970d1319cb54461fc6564a16f).
Personal characteristics Gender, date of birth, postcode of full address. To select personalised advertisements.
Data collected by Ads & Data when you visit a website or app of our Partners or Advertisers Unique identifiers Unique ID of browser or device generated by data management platform (DMP), IP address. To distinguish your browser or device, to collect data about your browsing habits and to show advertisements.
Browser characteristics Browser type, browser language, browser version, capacity, colour depth, etc. To choose the right advertisement format.
Device characteristics Device type, mobile brand, operating system, screen resolution, etc. To choose the right advertisement format.
Browsing behaviour URL, referrer URL and metadata, exit URL, article and page characteristics (e.g., publication date), content taxonomies. To learn about your interests.
Article metadata Author, category, classification, company, concept, entity, language, location, page layout, person (mentioned in article), sentiment, site, tags, keywords. To learn about your interests.
Data that Ads & Data derives from the above sources Behavioural characteristics Reading and viewing interests (for example: music fans, television viewers, gamers), lifestyle (for example: business travellers, wellness, healthy living). To learn about your interests and to select personalised advertisements.
Location Location derived from IP address: city, country, postcode, county, region, time zone. To select personalised advertisements.
Personal characteristics Average household income (based on NIS-9 data linked to home address). To select personalised advertisements.


What personal data do we share? And with whom?

Ads & Data shares:

  • Your advertising profile with ‘processors’. These are parties who process data on behalf of Ads & Data or our Partners. For example, the ad server helps us to book advertising campaigns and select the right advertisement. The data management platform supports creating advertising profiles.
  • A unique browser or device identifier with advertising partners who make it possible to select and show personalised ads.

Outside of Europe?

Some recipients are located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In this case, the transfer of your encrypted data will be covered by appropriate safeguards, including standard rules of the European Commission. In short, your data remains as protected as under GDPR.

Overview of recipients

This page shows an alphabetical list of all parties who receive your data, with a link to their privacy policy.


How long will we keep your personal data?

Up to 13 months. And we constantly update your personal information to keep it accurate.


How does Ads & Data use cookies for personalised advertising?

To create advertising profiles and show personalised advertisements, we use cookies, pixels and scripts.


Cookies are small files that are placed in the browser of your computer, smartphone or other device (hereinafter ‘Device’) when you visit a website.

Sometimes they are temporary – “session cookies” – and are deleted when you close your browser.

Other cookies – ‘persistent cookies’ – remain in place until they expire or until you delete them. For example, the cookie that remembers you have logged in so you don’t have to enter all your login details every time.

Pixels and SDKs

Pixels are usually transparent images of 1 pixel by 1 pixel that are embedded in a web page. They register, for example, information from cookies, your IP address and other information about your Device, for analytical purposes.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) do something similar to pixels in applications.


Ads & Data also installs scripts. These are pieces of code that are executed by your browser when you visit a website.

Cookie overview

Below you find all cookies that Ads & Data and its advertising partners may place on Partners’ and Advertisers’ domains, along with pixels and scripts.

Partner cookie name experation date Policy URL
Criteo Uid 365
Criteo optout 1825
Criteo zdi 183
Criteo eid 183
Criteo opt 365
Criteo r.ack 1h
Criteo criteo_cookie_perm 365
Criteo cto_clc 13 months on iOS ≥ 11.2,

24 hours elsewhere.
Criteo cto_optout 1825
Criteo cto_bundle 396
Criteo criteo_write_test Deleted after being written
Criteo cto_tld_test Deleted after being written
Criteo criteo_localstorage_check Deleted after being written
Google Ad manager __gads 390
Google Ad manager DSID sessie
Google Ad manager id 390
Google Ad manager IDE 390
Google Ad manager test_cookie sessie
Google Ad manager GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY sessie
Google Ad manager ACLK_DATA 5min
Magnite audit 365
Magnite cd Sessie
Magnite cimg* 1h
Magnite c Sessie
Magnite FPTrust Sessie
Magnite Sharedid 28
Magnite khaos 365
Magnite rsid sessie
Magnite trp_optout 1827
Magnite fcap 30
Magnite EmilyRan Sessie
Magnite ses* 1
Magnite vis* 1
Magnite uids 90
Magnite uids-audit 90
Outbrain auid 90
Outbrain obuid 90
Outbrain outbrain_cid_fetch sessie
Outbrain outbrain_click_id 1
Outbrain recs-{} sessie
Outbrain ref-{} sessie
Outbrain actvagnt 30
Outbrain adot 30
Outbrain apnxs 30
Outbrain bdswch 30
Outbrain criteo 30
Outbrain improve_digital 30
Outbrain indxexcg 30
Outbrain mediaforce_custom 30
Outbrain oath 30
Outbrain obuid 90
Outbrain openx 30
Outbrain pubmatic 30
Outbrain rbcn 30
Outbrain rtbhs 30
Outbrain spotx 30
Outbrain thirdparty 30
Outbrain ttd 30
Outbrain unruly 30
Outbrain zmnta 30
TripleLift optout 1825
TripleLift sync 90
TripleLift TLUID 90
Xandr anj 90
Xandr uuid2 90
Xandr uids 90
Xandr sess sessie
Xandr icu 90
Xandr usersync 90
Xandr token 1
Xandr pses Sessie
Google Ad manager GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY sessie
Google Ad manager ACLK_DATA 5 min
Zemanta zoptout 36525
Zemanta zuid 365
Zemanta zcl 30min
Zemanta zpb 1 tt_viewer 365 days s 6 days tt_bluekai 1 day tt_emetriq 1 day tt_exelate 1 day tt_liveramp 1 day tt_neustar 1 day tt_retargetly 1 day tt_salesforce 1 day tt_skp 1 day tt_dar 1 day
Piano cX_S Session
Piano cX_P 365 days
Piano cX_G 365 days
Piano gcks Session
Piano gckp 365 days
Piano _cX_cons No expiry
Piano _cX_segmentInfo 365 days
Piano cX_T Temporary
Piano _cX_S Session
Piano _cX_P 365 days
Piano _cX_lastP1Time Temporary
Piano _cX_lastLocalCstTime Temporary
Piano _cX_SA Temporary
Piano _cX_lst 365 days
Piano _cX_partner Temporary
Piano _cX_expires No expiry
Piano cstp Temporary
Piano cX_LSS 365 days
Piano cX_LSP Temporary
Piano _cX_atfr No expiry
IAB euconsent-v2 365

How can I delete or disable cookies?

You can manage your cookie preferences through the cookie banners on websites and applications of our Partners or Advertisers. You can also disable cookies via your browser settings.

Find out exactly how to do that in your browser:

Please note: if you delete or disable cookies in your browser, the website you are visiting may not work in the same way.

What are my individual rights? And how can I exercise these?

  • The right of access to verify which personal data is being processed by Ads & Data
  • The right to rectification to correct incorrect or incomplete personal data
  • The right to erasure to erasure to delete your personal data
  • The right to restrict processing of your personal data without deletion
  • The right to object to the further usage of your data
  • The right to opt-out of consents
  • The right to object to direct marketing
  • The right to data portability to move, copy or transfer personal data easily from one data controller to another. You can only exercise this right if the processing is based on your consent or on an agreement made with you.

Do you want to exercise your rights? Please contact:

Ads & Data Partners

Advertising platforms with whom Ads & Data cooperates

Why not contact Ads & Data yourself? We cannot identify you directly, as we do not have any contact information such as your name or email address. Therefore, we cannot verify whether we have your data.


Do you have any questions or requests regarding your personal data? Please e-mail them to