A large range, a strong impact and perfect measurability, that is the power of video! With Ads & Data, you can reach your target group in no time with the right choice of channel and/or online package. A classic spot of 6-15-30 seconds or a programme sponsorship? Together, we create a campaign that stands out and, above all, that sticks with the viewer.


Broad reach with impact

Television is and remains the medium par excellence to reach the masses. Our channels and their programs form strong brands that continue to live on online.  The average Flemish person still watches three hours of television a day. A large reach, a strong impact and perfect measurability are the characteristics of a classic TV campaign.

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Sponsoring De Mol

Creative Program Sponsorship

Television advertising is more than just a classic spot. Our Brand Studio lifts your TV campaign to a higher level by catching the consumer’s attention in an original way. The match between your brand and one of our programs is key.  Through a , a billboard or bumper contest on air and online, an event, an integration or line extensions, we link your brand to one of our programs or channels. The different channels reinforce each other and together they strive for an optimal effect, so that your message will be remembered. Visibility is key and communicating with the consumer in a consistent way is essential.

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Intelligent advertising with Smart AD

More than ever, we are committed to innovation. Smart AD is a form of advertising that makes it possible to personalize TV advertising for the viewer. Where classic TV advertising is aimed at the general public, addressable advertising combines the power of TV as a mass medium with the specific personalization possibilities of digital media. You can target on a large number of criteria and viewers will see a tailor-made advertisement. It is the ultimate way to advertise broadly, but targeted. This new form of advertising is being implemented on channels Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7.

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Pause Button Advertising

The perfect timing. A screen-size platform to tell your story. And the certainty that your message will be seen by the viewer. That’s Pause button advertising!

When the viewers of Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7 and Play Sports Open press the pause button, Telenet’s technology makes it possible to transform the TV screen into an indoor billboard. Result: the advertiser gets 100% certainty that his commercial message will be seen. This during live viewing as well as during recordings and review TV.


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Online Video

Different online video advertising possibilities

Online Video (OLV) advertising has seen spectacular growth in recent years and has become an important pillar in a media plan thanks to its impact and relatively high Click Through Ratios (CTR%). Ads & Data offers a quality network of InStream video with both Short Form and long form, as well as OutStream video. We also have an attractive video offer at LinkedIn and Snapchat.


Extra reach on your TV plan

The television landscape has changed dramatically in recent years.  Online video platforms have created a new reality in which TV content plays an important role. Therefore, more and more brands and marketers are buying ad space with longform video content to generate additional reach for their TV campaigns.

With Athena (a proprietary study) we investigate the dynamics between television and the online video network GOPlay.

In Wave 1 we investigated how much extra reach (incremental reach) online adds to a TV campaign. The combination of a TV campaign with GOPlay reached no less than 8% extra Flemish people between 18 and 54 in 14 days’ time. Moreover, the profile of the online viewer complements that of the TV viewer (younger in general, LF is more female, and SF is more male).


In Wave 2, we found that the combination of different platforms strengthens the advertiser. For example, the recognition (blinded/do you remember this ad?) and attribution (can you attribute the correct brand?) of a campaign is greatest when a campaign runs on both TV and online. This results in 20% more campaign impact and a 40% increase in brand positioning.  The brand image gets an extra boost and viewers are more convinced to consider the brand for their next purchase. The 40% uplift is the combination of 3 parameters: Brand Awareness, Brand Image and Brand Consideration.

Long Form Video at GoPlay

With top programmes such as De Mol, James the Musical, Blind Bought, but also with online productions such as wtFOCK, the online video platform is able to offer an attractive volume every month.  GoPlay mainly offers long form video content where advertisers can place their spots as pre-, mid- or post-rolls. Advertising in long-form video content has some major advantages: You reach a rather young (18-34 years) and upscale target audience.  Your spots are almost always viewed with sound (86% AVOC) and you can enjoy a very high completion rate (±95%) because viewers want to see the rest of the program.


Short Form

Ads & Data offers a large commercial inventory with Short Form video. Your commercial will appear in front of a video fragment (InStream) instead of a full episode. These fragments are not only TV content, but also news/sports items, lifestyle, DIY videos, tips, etc. Short Form video can also be found on a large number of our sites.  The advantages of advertising with short form: larger reach, positive user experience (such as a sponsor bumper) and the possibility of targeting both contexts and audiences.

OutStream Video

In addition, your commercial can also be shown without video context (OutStream), but on display positions both in and around an online article.  This has the advantage that we are not dependent on available video content and can therefore offer a larger commercial inventory. OutStream is complementary to other video formats and thanks to its high volume, you can target contexts and audiences more easily. OutStream offers the most competitive prices for video ads.

Video on Snapchat

You can also advertise with video on Snapchat.  This is possible with two specific products: Snap Ads and Story Ads.  With Snap Ads you reach your target audience while they are watching the stories of their friends.  Your video ads are shown full screen with the sound on.  Users can respond by swiping up.

With Story Ads, your brand is present in the Discover section of Snapchat. When you click on the brand tile, you can show a video up to 3 minutes long with the sound on. The ability to play lower videos allows you to really showcase your product or service.  And again, users can get more info by swiping up.  Snapchat itself offers tools to convert your horizontal video to the vertical Snap format.

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