Smart AD

The new Smart AD advertising format allows for tailor-made TV advertising based on the viewer.
But how does it work? Read on below to find out.

Ads & Data focuses on innovation. We are pioneers in addressable TV advertising and, among other things, were one of the first in continental Europe to deploy this revolutionary advertising technology, together with Telenet. Collaborating with Telenet and Proximus enables us to achieve a potential reach of around three out of four households in Flanders. As a token of recognition, Smart Ad received the Gold Award at the AMMA Awards for Innovation and Development.

While traditional TV advertising addresses the general public, addressable advertising combines the power of TV with the customization features specific to digital media. In other words, it makes it possible to target based on a long list of criteria so that the viewer sees a tailor-made advertising message. It is the ultimate way to advertise both mass and targeted. This new advertising format is available on Play4, Play5 and Play6.

How does that work?

  • Households are targeted based on several criteria.
  • Commercials are sent to the set-top box according to their relevance.
  • When there is a match with the profile of the viewing family, the set-top box selects and broadcasts the most relevant commercial.
  • The commercial fits perfectly into the then on-air commercial break.

Choose the most relevant target group

Play Media provides a list of more than a hundred criteria so that the advertiser can create a specific target group. Categories can be combined or used separately. Among others, you can choose from the following categories:

Client list

Beyond the standard criteria and their many possible combinations, the advertiser can also target based on its own client list. Find out here how Samsung won a Silver Prize at the AMMA-Awards, in collaboration with Space and Play Media.

Campaign results

On a weekly basis, the advertiser gets a report including the number of delivered impressions as well as the reach on target.

Addressable Ads are shaping the future of TV marketing 2020

Download here the white paper ‘Addressable Ads are shaping the future of TV marketing 2020’, published in collaboration with Vlerick Business School and Telenet, and describing the impact of addressable advertising on the current media landscape.

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