Show yourself with Display! Make sure you are visible in various formats.  Your message literally in the hands of your target group with print or targeted with the technical targeting possibilities of digital.  Whether you want to tell a story or strive for conversion, with display we certainly have a solution for you!


Digital may be omnipresent in today’s increasingly fast-paced world. Reading an article on paper gives your story another dimension. Holding a newspaper or magazine in your hands feels familiar. The qualitative and journalistic context ensures maximum impact.  That is why many advertisers continue to value print media highly.

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An advertisement in a paper means it is in a medium that can be trusted. Our brands guarantee a trustworthy image and the reader also feels that. Advertisements also benefit from this image. Much more than in a digital environment, the newspaper stands for a safe medium.

We also make sure that your advertisement is displayed among quality articles in a brand safe context.


When you think of print, you may not immediately think of flexibility or speed, but that proves to be unjustified.  Would you like to advertise in one of our newspapers? Decide today, the day after tomorrow your advertisement will already be in one of our newspapers. On paper, delivered to mailboxes throughout the country and automatically also digitally in the newspaper app.


No medium reaches as many people in one day as print. The Mediahuis newspaper titles alone reach more than 2 million people. Every day.
And we are talking about a powerful audience.

Not to be missed

If you want the full attention of your reader, then print is the medium of choice. No shiny banners on a website next to your article or incoming e-mails in the inbox. The newspaper enjoys the reader’s full attention. Take advantage of this with an appropriate advertisement.


Display is the basis of online advertising.  Today, however, there is a wide range of formats, some larger and more striking than others.  Make use of the available data and targeting possibilities to reach your target group optimally and in a qualitative and relevant context. The most cost-efficient online solution.

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Strong local brands

The cornerstone of Ads & Data’s digital offering is our strong local brands such as Het Nieuwsblad, Sporza, Play4, Gazet van Antwerpen, Studio Brussel, etc. Each of these are well-known top media brands with a large reach.

National offer

Ads & Data Digitaal offers national campaigns, both in Dutch and French.  This is possible through partnerships and collaborations with,,,,,,, and many more.  Here you reach Belgians by targeting Belgian IP addresses.

International Partnerships

Ads & Data has exclusive partnerships with international platforms such as Yahoo! and Snapchat.  Through Ads & Data you can therefore bring unique and creative ads to your target group via AR lenses or a message ads with a lead gen form to a specific B2B target group.


Young people today communicate with their friends via Snapchat.  The camera app sets itself apart from other social media with its many fun filters and AR lenses. Now, more than ever, the Snap community is eager to try products in new and playful ways, to experiment with them and get to know them.

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Yahoo! is a starting point for discovering your favourite topics, based on 5 pillars: news, entertainment, sports, finance and communication. This wide network of Yahoo! including MSN, TechCrunch and Huffpost is ideal for programmatic campaigns, performance campaigns and native style campaigns.

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Pause Button Advertising

The perfect timing. A screen-size platform to tell your story. And the certainty that your message will be seen by the viewer. That’s Pause button advertising!

When the viewers of Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7 and Play Sports Open press the pause button, Telenet’s technology makes it possible to transform the TV screen into an indoor billboard. Result: the advertiser gets 100% certainty that his commercial message will be seen. This during live viewing as well as during recordings and review TV.

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