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At Ads & Data, we combine local and international brands with the power of quality data.  Getting your message across to the right target audience is our mission.  A clever mix of audience and precision is at the very heart of this action.

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Our Video offer

A large range, a strong impact and perfect measurability, that is the power of video! With Ads & Data, you can reach your target group in no time with the right choice of channel and/or online package. A classic spot of 6-15-30 seconds or a programme sponsorship? Together, we create a campaign that stands out and, above all, that sticks with the viewer.

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Our Display offer

Show yourself with Display! Make sure you are visible in various formats.  Your message literally in the hands of your target group with print or targeted with the technical targeting possibilities of digital.  Whether you want to tell a story or strive for conversion, with display we certainly have a solution for you!

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Our Audio offer

Make yourself heard with audio!  Literally get your message into the ears of your target group.  At Ads & Data we offer advertising opportunities through the popular podcasts of our news brands, such as the HBvL True Crime podcast or the Sjotcast of Het Nieuwsblad.  We can also broadcast your spot on Radio Latina.

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