Ads & Data helps you reach your target group in no time thanks to the best channel mix. Classic TV spot or sponsorship ? Together, we create a campaign that stands out and, above all, that the viewer will remember.

Extensive reach

Television is and remains the ideal media for mass communication. Our channels are strong brands that also live on online.

The average Flemish viewer still watches 3 hours of television a day. Large reach, strong impact and perfect measurability, those are the hallmarks of a TV campaign.

Creativity trumps

Television advertising goes further than just the classic TV spot. Our Brand Studio takes your campaign to the next level by attracting the attention of the consumer in a creative way. Matching your brand and one of our programs or channels is central.

We link your brand to one of our programs or channels through a billboard or bumper, an off- or online competition, an event, a product integration or line extensions. Our channels reinforce each other and, together, strive for an optimal impact so that your message sticks. Visibility is central to this and maintaining a consistent communication with the consumer is fundamental.

Smart advertising with Smart Ad

We commit more than ever to innovation. Smart Ad is an advertising format that allows to personalize TV advertising tailored to the viewer. While classic TV advertising focuses on the general public, addressable advertising combines the power of TV as a mass medium with the specific personalization options of digital media. You can target on a large number of criteria whereby viewers are shown a tailor-made advertising message. It is the ultimate way to advertise broadly yet targeted. This new advertising format is available on Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7.

Read all the details about Smart Ad here

Pause Button Advertising

The perfect timing. A screen-sized platform to tell your story. And the guarantee that your message is seen by the viewer. That’s Pause Button Advertising!

When the viewers of Play4, Play5, Play6, Play7 and Play Sports Open hit the pause button, the technology by Telenet makes it possible to transform the TV screen into an indoor billboard. As a result, the advertiser gets 100% guarantee that his commercial message will be seen. This works both with a live program or recording, as well as with Catch-up TV.

Read all the details about Pause Button Advertising

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