Pause Button Advertising

Now, Pause Button Advertising meets the advertiser’s needs even better. Perfect timing. A screen-size platform to tell your story. And the guarantee that your message will be seen by the viewer. This is Pause Button Advertising!

Easy and surprisingly effective

When a Play4, Play5, Play6, Play Sports Open and soon also Play7 viewer presses the pause button, Telenet’s technology turns the TV-screen into a billboard displaying your advertising message! Thanks to Pause Button Advertising you can create at least two touchpoints: when pressing the pause button and when the viewer comes back to watch the rest of their program.

Result: the advertiser gets a 100% guarantee that his commercial message will be seen

It works both when watching a live program or a recorded one, as well as with Catch-up TV, on Play4, Play5, Play6, Play Sports Open and soon on Play7 also.
This is the perfect way for advertisers to get creative with their brand when the viewer chooses to pause the program. He is not bothered, and the advertiser can create a moment of complicity with the brand, in a non-intrusive way. It is a win-win deal.

Nothing but benefits and now, Pause Button Advertising meets the needs of the advertiser even better.
Discover here Pause Button Advertising 2.0!

Pause Button Advertising 2.0: what’s new?

  • Choose the number of impressions according to your budget
  • Choose the active period
  • Additional targeting options: by channel, day and even timeslot

Pause Button Advertising, already a winner

Play Media is proud to be the first in the world to offer this already very successful advertising format. Among others, Pause Button Advertising won the Silver Prize at the AMMA Awards and a Silver Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival. Furthermore, the Pause Button Advertising is perceived as non-disturbing, fun, and playful.

The break is over, now it’s your turn. Contact one of our Account Managers to find the best way of using Pause Button Advertising for your brand.