LinkedIn: advertise on the most reliable social media platform

The most trusted social network

LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks in the world and certainly the most important business network. Furthermore, LinkedIn is the most reliable social media platform that offers advertisers a brand safe environment.

Marketers turn to LinkedIn for high-quality data. The professional platform makes it possible to target the delivery of your content towards LinkedIn members according to their interests. It is also possible for the advertiser to match their own data with the social platform to reach qualified prospects, but also by retargeting these members for lead generation and acquisition.

How to manage your brand reputation on LinkedIn?

Do Business where Business is Done

With more than 706 million members, LinkedIn has the world’s largest professional audience. In Belgium, LinkedIn reaches more than 3.7mio registered users. People come to LinkedIn to access knowledge and share their experience. Whether they want to read expert posts or access professional training, members consult the platform to develop their skills and experience in their industry. In combination with extensive user and company data, you can reach those people and teams who make the purchasing decisions.

A proper environment

As mentioned above, LinkedIn was recognized as the most trusted social platform worldwide in Business Insider’s Digital Trust report for the third year in a row. LinkedIn is the premier digital platform where members invest time to build and grow their professional community and reputation. In addition, LinkedIn has created an environment where both consumers and brands feel safe and respected.

High engagement

Finally, the LinkedIn community is unique because the members consciously choose to spend time on LinkedIn. They purposefully visit the LinkedIn platform and invest time in LinkedIn to be more productive and successful, to learn and grow. As a result, visitors are more open to brands present/advertising on LinkedIn compared to other platforms.

Advertising products for every stage of the sales funnel

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Place native ads in the LinkedIn feed on all platforms (both desktop and mobile) and target a highly engaged audience. Drive leads, build brand awareness, and pamper key relationships at every stage of your selling process. Build your ideal audience with LinkedIn profile data and your own audience.

  • Single Image Ads: Single Image Ads contain one image and appear directly in the LinkedIn feed of members from your campaign’s target audience. That way, you grab the attention of your target audience with a powerful and expressive image.
  • Carrousel Ads: Tell an interactive story that will inspire professionals to take action. Create a series of cards combined in a single ad, that you can scroll through to tell a story, show multiple offers, or give insights to your target audience. Enchant decision makers with eye-catching visuals creating interaction.
  • Video Ads: Attract a professional audience with native video at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Engage business decision makers with LinkedIn feed video ads on desktop and mobile. Understand how your videos are performing and which professionals are reacting to them. Video helps you grab the attention and expand your content strategy.

Sponsored Messaging

Send personalised messages to the people who matter the most to your business. The responsive design means that your call-to-action (CTA) button is always visible, whether on your mobile or desktop. The emails are only delivered when members are active on LinkedIn. A strict capping will get your message noticed.

  • Message Ads: You send a message directly to your prospect’s inbox to trigger immediate action, without limit on the number of letters. Your message will certainly stand out due to the limit on ads in the LinkedIn inbox.
  • Conversation Ads: Start a qualitative conversation with professionals through a specific conversation schedule. You can use multiple call-to-action buttons to lead your prospects to the right content/offer. By asking relevant questions, you get more qualitative leads. Learn more in this Best Practices Guide.

Lead Gen Forms

Collect quality leads in your LinkedIn ads through the seamless integration of pre-filled forms. In doing so, the accurate user information of the LinkedIn members is pre-populated. Perfect follow-up on your cost per lead. Lead Gen Forms are available with Message Ads and Sponsored Content.

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