More than ever, publishers and media brands consider digital as an amazing media platform. Ads & Data offers a wide range of high quality local and international brands, diversified through display, video, podcast, audio and social media.

Strong local brands

The corner stone of Ads & Data’s digital offer lies with our strong local brands such as Het Nieuwsblad, Sporza, Play4, Gazet van Antwerpen, Studio Brussel, etc., each of them being a well-known top media brand offering a large reach.

National offer

Thanks to the partnerships and collaborations concluded among others with,,,,,,, and many more, Ads & Data Digital allows you to run national campaigns, both Dutch- and French-speaking. We target Belgians on the basis of their Belgian IP addresses.

International partnerships

Ads & Data has exclusive partnerships with international platforms such as Verizon, LinkedIn, Spotify and Snapchat. Through Ads & Data, you can therefore deliver unique and creative ads to your target group via AR lenses, sponsored playlists or message ads including a lead gen form addressed to a specific B2B target group.



Display is the basis of online advertising. Today however, there is a wide range of ad-formats, some larger and more striking than others. Make use of the available data and targeting options to optimally reach your target group, in a qualitative and relevant ad environment. The most cost-efficient online advertising solution.

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Online Video

We offer a broad network of entertainment, news, sports and culinary sites. offers longform video formats that are the ideal way to add extra reach to TV campaigns. Thanks to a very large offer of short and outstream formats, you can target based on many segments, at a competitive price.

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Podcasts have become extremely popular in the short term and also offer commercial opportunities. It allows you to reach otherwise hard-to-reach target groups with high reliability. De Standaard is a pioneer with podcasts and has been bringing popular series for several years now. Ask about sponsorship options for your brand.

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Spotify is the most popular music streaming service and offers advertisers many commercial opportunities. Through Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence you can smartly reach your target group with audio, display, video and impactful creative options, all in a high-quality advertising environment.

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In today’s world, young people communicate with their friends through Snapchat. The camera app differentiates itself from other social media platforms by the many nice filters and AR lenses. Now more than ever, the Snap community is eager to try, experiment and learn about new products is new and playful ways.

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LinkedIn is both the most important business network and the most reliable social media platform, and offers advertisers a brand safe environment. Visitors invest time to build and grow their professional community and reputation, making LinkedIn the ideal platform for both B2B and B2C communication. ‘Do Business where Business is Done’.

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