No medium reaches as many people in just one day as print. Moreover, your campaign is set up quickly: decide today and be published in the newspaper the day after tomorrow. Read below why print can work for your brand!

Digital may be omnipresent in our current increasingly fast-moving world but reading an article on paper gives your story another dimension. Concretely holding a newspaper or magazine in your hands feels familiar. The qualitative and journalistic contexts ensure maximum impact. Many advertisers therefore continue to value print media enormously.



An ad in a print media is an ad placed in a medium that the public trusts. Our brands guarantee a reliable image, also very much perceived by the reader. Advertising also benefits from this image. Much more than the digital environment, the written press is synonymous with safety.

We also ensure that your ad is displayed amongst qualitative articles, in a brand safe environment.


Print media doesn’t immediately evoke flexibility or speed, but that turns out to be a misconception. Would you like to advertise in one of our newspapers? Decide today and your ad will already be in one of our newspapers the day after tomorrow. On paper, delivered to PO boxes throughout the country and also automatically in its digital version on the newspaper app.


No medium reaches as many people in just one day as print. The Mediahuis titles alone reach over 2 million people. Every day. Moreover, this audience happens to have a high purchasing power.


If you want to get the full attention of the consumer, print is the medium of choice. No shiny web banners flashing next to your article or emails landing in your mailbox. The newspaper benefit from the reader’s undivided attention. Take advantage of these advantages with an appropriate ad.

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