Ads & Data Masterclass

Wil je graag op de hoogte blijven van de nieuwste trends op het gebied van social advertising en specifiek LinkedIn, dan is deze Masterclass iets voor jou!  

2030 B2B Trends: Contrarian Ideas For The Next Decade

During our Masterclass Jennifer presented 3 macro trends for 2030 that the B2B Institute has identified:

  • The War On Brand: Learn about “The 60/40 Rule” and why brand advertising is the biggest driver of long-term growth.  Trends indicate the Brand will only become more important over time.
  • Blockbuster Marketing: Learn how to use Disney’s “Franchise Formula” To Monetize Content.  She will discuss the creative principles that have made Disney so successful.
  • The Death of Hyper-Targeting: Learn why narrow targeting hurts your business and why to use “category targeting” instead.  The B2B Institute presents: The Case Against Hyper-Targeting.
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Upcoming developments on the 2022 LinkedIn Roadmap

Sander shared with us during our Masterclass the upcoming developments at LinkedIn spread over 4 categories of product developmen:

  • Empower brand communities – Page Publishing, Live Events & enhancements, Product Pages.
  • Bolster B2B identity and trust – Ads transparency, Accountability, LinkedIn Audience Network
  • Deliver and demonstrate value – LinkedIn Audience Network enhancements, New formats & Placements, Landing Pages, Measurement enhancements
  • Simplify doing business – Boosting, Advertiser productivity, Platform Features for Campaign Manager, LinkedIn Business Manager
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