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Various online video advertising options

Online Video (OLV) advertising has experienced spectacular growth in recent years and has become an important pillar in a media plan thanks to its impact and relatively high Click Through Rate (CTR%). Ads & Data offers a quality network of InStream video with both Short Form and Long Form, as well as OutStream video. In addition, we also have an attractive video offer on LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Spotify.

Additional reach for your TV campaign

The television landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Online video platforms have created a new reality in which TV content plays an important role. That’s why more and more brands and marketers are buying advertising space around longform video content to generate additional reach for their TV campaigns.


Athena (our own study) investigates the dynamics between television and the online video network GoPlay.

In Wave 1, we investigated how much incremental reach online adds to a TV campaign. The combination of a TV campaign with GoPlay reaches no less than 8% extra Flemish people aged 18 to 54, in 2 weeks. Moreover, the profile of the online viewer is complementary to that of the TV viewer (overall younger, more feminine with LF and more masculine with SF).


In Wave 2, we established that the combination of different platforms improves results for the advertiser. For example, the recognition (blinded/do you remember this ad?) and the attribution (can you assign the correct brand?) of a campaign reach the highest level when a campaign runs both on TV and online. This results in 20% more campaign impact and a strengthening of brand positioning by no less than 40%. This gives the brand image an extra boost, also convincing viewers to consider the brand in their next purchase. The 40% uplift is the combination of 3 parameters: Brand Awareness, Brand Image and Brand Consideration.

Long Form Video on GoPlay

With top programs such as De Mol, De Verhulstjes, Blind Gekocht, but also with pure online productions such as wtFOCK and Victor Vlogdown, the online video platform offers an attractive volume every month. GoPlay mainly offers long form video content around which advertisers can place their spots, as pre-, mid-, or post-rolls. Advertising around long form video content has some major advantages: you reach a rather young (18-34 years old) and upscale target audience; your commercials are almost always watched with sound on (86% AVOC) and you benefit from a very high completion rate (┬▒95%) because the viewers want to see the rest of the program.

Short Form

Ads & Data offers a large commercial inventory around Short Form video. Your commercial will then appear before a video extract (InStream) instead of a full episode. These extracts are not only from TV content, but also news/sports items, lifestyle, DIY videos, tips, etc. Short Form video can also be found on many of our websites. The advantages of advertising with short form are the following: higher reach, positive user experience (like a sponsor bumper) and the possibility to target both contexts and audiences.

OutStream Video

In addition, your commercial can also be shown outside of a video context (OutStream), on display positions both in and around an online article. The advantage is that we are then independent of the available video content and can therefore benefit from a larger commercial inventory. OutStream is complementary to other video formats and the large available volume makes it easier to target contexts and audiences. Our OutStream video offer is available to you at the best price.

Video on Spotify

When you think of Spotify, you might just spontaneously think of audio, but the Spotify app also allows us to deliver high-quality video views. Spotify solves issues that video in general has to contend with: fragmented target groups, declining attention, brand safe environment, and relevant personalised ads. Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence is the foundation for connecting with your target groups. Use this data to build an effective and holistic strategy that helps your brand capture user attention and reach the right audience in the right context.

The Spotify audience is attentive and emotionally engaged. 70% of users say they usually remember the ads they see or hear. Spotify is a platform that enables brands to connect with their target audience in real-time moments, such as during the commute, to be heard, seen, and remembered. Thanks to a relevant context and an environment free from swiping or scrolling, Spotify video scores an average of 90% completion rate. That is 15% higher than the MOAT benchmark. Video advertising on Spotify comes in three formats: Sponsored Sessions, Video Takeover and Video Headliner.

Opposite is an example of Video Takeover.

Download Spotify Video Onepager

Video on LinkedIn

The beauty of video advertising is that it complements your marketing efforts at every stage of the sales funnel. Video allows B2B marketers to tell great stories about their brand or product to increase awareness while also collecting high-quality leads. This can be done by using the pre-filled forms (Lead Gen Forms).

  • Create a good impression with business decision makers.
  • Convert video viewers into leads, website visitors and followers.
  • Prove that your video ads are driving the B2B results you are interested in.
Download the Fundamental Guide of Video Advertising on LinkedIn

Video on Snapchat

You can also advertise with video on Snapchat, using two specific products: Snap Ads and Story Ads. Snap Ads let you reach your target audience while they watch their friends’ stories. Your video ads will be shown full screen, with sound on. Users can comment by swiping up.

Story Ads allow your brand to be present in the Discover section of Snapchat. If you click on the brand marker, you can show a video up to 3 minutes with the sound on. The ability to play longer videos ensures that you can really showcase your product or service. And here too, users can get more info by swiping up.

Snapchat itself offers tools to convert your horizontal video to the vertical Snap format.

Download Snapchat Vision for Mobile Video